Huawei, Kenya Bankers Association Seal Partnership to Drive Financial Inclusion

Dr. Habil Olaka

Huawei Kenya and the Kenya Bankers Association (KBA) have signed a partnership that will see increased financial inclusion on the banking space via additional deployment of technology and building fintech capacity.

The collaboration will see KBA work with the Chinese tech giant to streamline industrywide capacity building initiatives focused on promoting knowledge on financial technology innovation, digital transformation and other ICT-related programs in the financial sector.

The need to promote financial inclusion is in line with the KBA Strategic Plan for the period 2020 – 2023. The strategy was announced in 2019, and seeks to aid access to affordable financial services.

The development precedes the Huawei-KBA Online Summit that will be held on September 30. The meet is among some of the initiatives Huawei and KBA are implementing to promote the delivery of robust banking services through tech.

What they said

This partnership will further focus on research and knowledge-sharing activities, which will supplement the research initiatives that continue to be spearheaded by the Association’s Centre for Research Financial on Markets and Policy®. In this regard, the collaboration will certainly augment KBA’s and member banks’ knowledge base in engagements with diverse stakeholders from a fact-based perspective.

KBA Chief Executive Officer Dr. Habil Olaka

The theme of the upcoming summit is ‘’Building Banking Core Competence through Digital Transformation to Accelerate Inclusive Finance’’. It is one of the initiatives we are rolling out in Kenya in partnership with the Association to ensure we optimally leverage on technology to achieve affordable and accessible financial services in the regional economy.

Huawei-Kenya Chief Executive Officer Mr. Will Meng