User Reports Show Multiple Google Services are Down

google down

Currently, multiple Google Services are down as reported by users on social media and on platforms like Down Detector.

It started with people complaining about YouTube on social media sites like Twitter and it has now expanded to other Google Services.

On Down Detector, we can see multiple reports of several Google services that are down, which includes YouTube, Gmail, Google Search,, Google Drive, YouTube, Google Classroom, Nest, Google Play, Google Home, Google Meet, Stadia, Google Hangouts, Google Maps, Google Duo and Google Calendar.


*Interesting Hack*

You can use the affected Google Services like YouTube in incognito mode. I have just used it and it works quite well. On incognito mode, Gmail loads up the page but you can’t login to your account.


Gmail and YouTube are back online. You can go back to work or watching that weird video on YouTube.


  1. I was wondering why I couldn’t login to my Gmail account. Gave an error – “Account could not be found”. Had me in panic mode. Thanks for the heads up, as always!

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