How Mobile is Taking over Online Sports Betting


Over the years, online sports betting has drastically improved, thanks to the development of mobile phones. Traditionally, bettors had to travel to the local brick and mortar casinos to place their wagers. Eventually, online sportsbooks came around and took sports betting to a whole new level. You can now bet using your smartphone via the Betway Kenya app, regardless of your geographical location.

Which Mobile Platforms Perform Best?

The mobile sportsbooks that have a simple interface and easy navigation work best. Because of a limited space to use on a mobile screen, simple methods that can allow you to move from one section to another are the way to go. Sites that offer a less sophisticated user interface are the best to check out.

UX and UI design of every online gambling site are essential for a user. However, the interface plan is quite sophisticated. It should look intuitive to accommodate seamless running and easy navigation. Even though computer experts seem to have an array of essential criteria, sportsbooks need to have a simple and efficient interface. As you contemplate which sportsbooks to use, find out if they have a functioning app like Betway that can further improve your betting and gaming experience. Also, whether the website has optimization for mobile devices is another thing to put into consideration.  The bottom line is, choose a reliable sportsbook.

Mobile Devices go well with Live Betting

Although we do not need to stay behind a computer throughout, it is practically hard to remain without a computing device, especially a smartphone nowadays. How people place their bets online has drastically changed due to the application of mobile devices. Mostly, the ease of betting a mobile phone brings, makes more sense these days. For instance, live betting is the norm in almost every part of Europe. And the popularity is significantly increasing all over North America. Most of these bettors find time to wager in between quarters of commercial breaks.

In case there is an injury that has been sustained by a particular team, one might decide to wager using a different strategy because the weather must affect the outcome of the event in one way or another. Capitalizing immediately on such scenarios is spreading wide among live bettors. But vast mobile betting is yet to come, and it is near. It is around the corner, to be precise.

How Secure is Mobile Betting?

When gambling online, security is a crucial concern. With the rising number of cybercrimes, bookies are making every effort possible to secure punters’ gaming activities on their mobile devices. Though the security measures on the PC’s are equivalent to the ones availed on the mobile phones, the portability of the phones and better speed make them more preferable. An added advantage of gaming on a portable device, and specifically on the Betway app, is the inbuilt security that most of these devices have. For example, smartphones come with Face ID and other more advanced security features like fingerprint identification.

The advancement in technology is enabling providers to offer more sophisticated security features for mobile punters. Unauthorized account access is now more minimal than never. Long gone are the days of easy access to other people’s betting accounts, thanks to mobile technology. While the use of mobile phones increases exponentially, so does the market share for online bookies.