LG’s New QNED Mini-LED TVs Will Be Available in Kenya Later This Year


LG Electronics, a major player on the TV market is set to make their QNED Mini LED TV available in Kenya in 2021.

LG is set to officially unveil the QNED Mini TV LED TV in the upcoming CES 2021 event as their top of the line offering among their premium LCD TVs. CES 2021 kicks off on January 11 and will be online due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

What makes this TV cool? Well It uses technologies like mini LEDs instead of a standard backlight as the light source and using quantum dot tech which is loved for the colours it produces. Mini LEDs promise better contrast ratios and higher brightness which is particularly important if you are watching HDR content.

The 30,000 tiny LEDs will apparently enable a contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1 according to LG and will be grouped into 2,500 dimming zones. This tries to replicate OLED technology for inky blacks due to the fact that OLED TVs have self illuminating pixels. They will also run at 120Hz which is especially important for gamers for that smooth gameplay while connected to next gen consoles like the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

“Our new QNED series is a premium home entertainment option that expands and improves the LCD TV space and gives consumers seeking to upgrade their viewing experience another terrific choice,” said Nam Ho-jun, senior vice president of R&D at LG’s Home Entertainment Company.

Ther new lineup of QNED Mini LED TVs will include 10 new 4K and 8K models and will cover a wide range of screen sizes with the largest one being an 88 inch model.

LG says that the new QNED Mini LED TVs will be available in the Kenyan market from the second half of 2021 which is quite exciting. They did not reveal the price but I bet they won’t be cheap so if you were planning to get a next gen TV, you may want to keep your money as you wait to check out what LG is offering here.