Quiz: Serial Killer or the Inventor of a Programming Language?

Try to spot who liked hacking away at corpses rather than computers


Fun internet quizzes never die. Vole.wtf have a couple of fun internet games including death roulette, avocado n toast comic strip generator, can you draw a perfect circle, Ganksy A.I. street artist, This MP doesn’t exist, volefix, goth or moth quiz among other creations.

The latest one I found out this weekend is the programming language inventor or serial killer quiz.

The quiz asks you if you can tell a coder from a cannibal and a mathematician from a murderer?

I got 9 out of 10 and the site says I seem I can sense logical brains versus clogged brains. Probably because I’ve binge-watched a lot of serial killer documentaries and binged true crime podcasts during quarantine.

It’s worth noting that there’s a character who was almost both a serial killer and a programmer among the people shown in the quiz.

Go have fun and let me know your score? Also check out their other quizzes too.

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