Clever Tips for Choosing the Best VPN Service for Your Needs


The Virtual Private Network, or what’s commonly called VPN, has safeguarded people from the dangers of being in the seemingly safe but apparently hostile environment of the world wide web. Formerly used only by businesses to secure their IT infrastructure, sensitive data, and delicate management files, VPN was finally offered to the public. Since then, there has been a multitude of VPN service providers selling their stuff to people. But how do you know which VPN service is really worth your monthly subscription? Let’s take some time to ponder this through.

How to Choose the Best VPN Service?

Choosing the best VPN service is ultimately anchored to what specific needs you would want to get. Do you need secure access to your home network or just for casual browsing? Or is a geo-shift of your locations necessary? According to report, whatever your personal preferences for a VPN service are, the most important thing is it gives you anonymity and security for your data and device. So how should you choose your VPN service? Please read on.

Find the VPN with Iron Clad Protocols

The primary reason anyone wants to use a VPN service is to protect their data and device from anyone who wants to wreak havoc through the world wide web. You may not be particular with encryption protocols but is quite adamant that you choose a VPN service that could give you foolproof protection, not just for your device but, more importantly, your data.

Anyone who has frequently been on the internet would understand that hacks, viruses, and any malicious injections to your device are always deliberate. It’s always a form of extortion to the person whose device has been infected. So, first on your list is to find the VPN service with the best encryption protocols.

Compatibility for Your Device

Compatibility is something to be highly considered and checked before you buy any VPN service. Although most VPN services support the most common operating systems like Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, Linux, and many others, some just don’t. So better check this one first before hurrying and spending wasted money.

Maximum Number of Connections

Everybody is using multiple devices, and you may need to share yours with someone in particular instances. It would be wise to get a VPN service that offers at least five connections, that is if you only have two primary devices that you would need to link to the internet. For more than two, an advisable number would be from 7 to 10.

Server Locations

You would also need to check where their servers are. The best usage of VPN is to access websites that are otherwise restricted in your location. If you have your VPN service provider with servers in Asia or Europe, it won’t do you any good. The best VPN service provider should also have an HQ somewhere where there is no internet surveillance, and its government doesn’t have retention laws. This would ensure your anonymity while doing your business on the internet.

Number of servers

The number of servers would give you foolproof anonymity, which is the second purpose of why a VPN has been created and, of course, the number of sites you can have access to. It’s pretty common nowadays to find VPN service providers with hundreds or even thousands of servers worldwide. That’s how you should pick your VPN service provider. The more servers they got, the better. Server location and quantity of it go hand in hand. The more scattered the servers are for the SP, the better quality of service it can give you.


The speed of your VPN is something to think about highly. For any internet user, the speed at which you can get your information and what-nots is of utmost importance. When your VPN service continually logs, you would probably be screaming and swearing all the time. It would be better to use your ISP instead when you don’t really have something that needs guarding too much.

Easy Interface

What’s the use of service when you don’t even understand how to navigate it. The best VPN services have intuitive UI’s where you don’t need to really have to read books or scour the internet on how to do things on the app. It just naturally comes to you. VPN is not only used by hackers and tech geniuses but ordinary people too. So there would always be VPN services that are more user friendly to the layman. Some would even give you the option of a virtual set up which only means you just have to sit back, relax, wait, and surf.

Check Its Features

Of course, like any other app, VPN service providers have their own features to boast. This is what they market about and spent millions of R&D just to get it right. Choose VPN features that specifically addresses your needs and then some. But always find something that has an automatic kill switch – a feature where your internet is automatically disconnected when your VPN system fails or is down for some reason. Also, another feature that really has to be there is a VPN that does not retain logs of your activities. It would be useful if you don’t like anyone snooping with your internet businesses.

Free Trials

Using their service for free in a limited amount of time would be beneficial to you and the VPN service provider. That is because, with the limited time and limited features, you could instantly gauge if the service is good enough for you or not. On the other hand, VPN service providers give this as a promotional advertisement for their product. Of course, who doesn’t like freebies?

Choosing a VPN service provider could be a headache, especially when you don’t know what to look for. Always keep in mind that you are using their service because you want your internet experience to be as secure as possible with no one snooping around your data and device and safeguard your computer or phone from any malicious entities that might be lurking anywhere around the world.