Resolution Now Launched By Insurer for Self-Help Services

Resolution execs at the launch of Resolution Now

Resolution Insurance has officially unveiled an online self-help portal that will see the company’s customers access the insurer’s products and services from their smart devices.

The platform is named Resolution Now, and will see the organization leverage the power of tech to remodel its operations to create a more appealing and transformative customer experience.

Resolution Insurance says it has been digitizing its products and services over the last two years.

“At Resolution Insurance we promise to give more access to our products and services. We have been making bold moves to remain relevant to our customers with our new offerings and new ways of accessing our services on demand. We are committed to staying true to this promise and that is why we have heavily embraced technology and innovation in developing solutions that will see customers receive quick and prompt customer service,” says Ms Alice Mwai, Managing Director, Resolution Insurance

“We have put in place capabilities and systems to ensure that we continuously optimize on our processes so as to deliver beyond customer expectations and above leading industry standards,” says Resolution’s Head of Digital and Innovation, Francis Ngari.

Resolution adds it is constantly surveying the market to gain insights from its customers to ensure it remains ahead in a fast-paced environment.

Furthermore, it is utilising data and social media analytics to provide further insight into customer preferences, customer behaviours and new product innovations.

At the moment, the company is looking to harness Big Data and venture further into machine learning and A.I. for predictive analytics.