How to: Destroy Your Productivity By Installing TikTok On Android TV



The social media, video-sharing app that sprouted from nowhere to top charts, mainly during the pandemic period.

The platform is owned ByteDance, a Chinese corporation (which is why the app encountered controversy in 2020 because the West believes anything from China means no good – should we retell the Huawei story?) that has its toes deep in the technology space.

The popularity of TikTok cannot be understated. It is a go-to app if you want to be genuinely entertained. All the closet comedians who did not have a platform to showcase their hilarity are here – and they excel at it.

Now, you can watch TikTok videos on Android TV. So, instead of heading over to YouTube to watch compilations of popular challenges, TikTok is making it easy to enjoy yourself with top-tier content on a big screen.

This is after the company released the TikTok app for Android TV.

The app is available in select regions for now, but the beauty of Android is that you can sideload apps without waiting for them to be made available in your region.

We have installed the app, and it works as advertised; and here is how you do it:

  1. Grab the TikTok app for Android TV from here.
  2. Install and launch it (there are many ways you can get it to your TV – the best way is to upload the apk to your Drive, and access the file using a file manager app such as Solid Explorer from your TV)
  3. Once you open the app, it will give you a code that you should add to the Tiktok activation platform
  4. Open the link given on your phone (, enter the displayed code (assuming the Tiktok app is installed on your device)
  5. That is it. Enjoy

It is going out of fashion, but I gotta say #BussItChallenge and #SilhouetteChallenge do look particularly invigorating on TV.