Safaricom Increases Home Fiber Speeds Upto 250%, Adjusts Price Upwards

Safaricom Fiber

Safaricom has today permanently adjusted the bandwidth speeds for their Home Fiber customers upto 150% for some packages.

Across their packages, the new changes has led to the increase of speeds from a minimum of 60% all the way to 250% for the top end package. The new speeds are effective from 1st March 2021/

Here are the new speeds.

Old Package Speed5Mbps10Mbps20Mbps40Mbps
New Package Speeds8Mbps20Mbps40Mbps100Mbps
Old PriceKES 2900KES 3999KES 5699KES 11499
New Price (effective 1/3/2021)KES 2900KES 3999KES 5999KES 11999
Secure NetAt extra feeAt Extra feeIncludedIncluded

The new speeds are quite welcome from Safaricom. The 8Mbps package will become even more popular than before. Also the decision to have 20Mbps at that price is sold while the 100Mbps package is the most tantalizing of the lot.

However, Safaricom has decided to adjust the price upwards for their Gold and Diamond packages. They have each received a price increase of KES 300 and KES 500 respectively.

Safaricom offered double the speeds for Home Fiber in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This was beneficial due to the fact that people were working from home and kids used the Internet for school work.


    • A feature that allows customers to be protected, and manage how their children use Home Fibre without accessing harmful or dangerous content.

  1. You forgot to write on how they have introduced data caps.500GB and 1TB. For heavy users who think they can now enjoy themselves, they are going to get hurt.

    Say, you are on the Silver and below; and you are a gamer. You download Call of duty, a 187GB file plus its patches. That hits 250GB. You are now left with 250GB to download the other games that are an average of 80GB and stream movies at full HD for a month. You will run out of data by date 15th of each month. Yes, can you imagine running out of WiFi, lol.

    The 1TB for the more expensive packages is even worse. You know have 100Mbps. You can stream at 4K comfortably. 4K streaming takes 5GB per hour. If you stream for 6 hours, in a month, it will eat up 900GB. Surely, you are also doing other things with the internet. You will run out of data before the 20th. And this is if you don’t download any massive PC game or update your Console games (game patches are now an average of 20GB and are common).

    This is a downgrade

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