Huawei Eyeing Gaming Industry with Gaming Console and PCs


Gaming is a huge market worldwide and it seems that Huawei wants to get in on it as per rumours floating around.

According to Huawei Central, information from the Chinese website Weibo revealed that Huawei may launch a gaming console that would be functionally similar to the popular PlayStation by Sony and Microsoft’s Xbox.

That is not all, it also claims that they may launch a new set of notebooks that are geared for gaming. This is new for them as they are known for their low powered notebooks that are geared for basic productivity tasks.

The gaming industry is a huge industry that was a $160 billion business in 2020 and expected to be over $200 billion in 2021. It is spread over mobile, consoles (dominated by PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo and all) as well as gaming PCs.

The tipster did not reveal much about specs for the impending gaming console or laptops so we will have to wait and see about that. Apparently, Huawei will first land on the gaming PC market first then later on go to gaming consoles which take time.

The allure to join the competitive and lucrative gaming market makes a lot of sense. However there are obvious challenges. The United States government placed restrictions to bar US companies from conducting businesses with Huawei so getting chips needed for gaming is a challenge. The other challenge is having a competent ecosystem for gaming which is quite hard to do.