Twitter Working on a Dedicated Spaces Tab

Twitter Spaces Tab

Twitter Spaces, the social network’s audio chat room feature has been trending the past few months as the company tries to increase its adoption among its over 192 million monetizable daily active users. 

Twitter Spaces is trying to lead the pack with rival Clubhouse that has also seen an uptick in users joining the platform.

Twitter has been working on brining new features to Spaces. Spaces has one disadvantage especially for users on Twitter – discoverability.

It’s hard to find Spaces on Twitter. The only way to know about one is if the person you follow announces it or if an ongoing one pops up on top of your feed in the Fleets section.

The other way is to look for them in the Search tab by including the key words such as “join my space”, “join spaces” or “join the space” and then click the Latest tab to find ongoing Twitter Spaces.

Another trick is to literally type “” in the search tab. To be more specific just type “ within_time:15min” to get current Spaces.

Twitter is now working on giving Spaces a dedicated tab on the mobile app according to what reverse engineer Jane Manchung Wong has so far found out.

It will join the Messages, Search, Notifications and Home tabs in the navigation bar at the bottom of the app.

This will make it easier to find and join Spaces according to your Interests -at least that’s what I’m hoping Twitter will categorize the Spaces in this new tab.

We’ll probably see this feature roll out in the coming weeks.

New features we’re also expecting to land on Twitter Spaces include scheduling spaces, having multiple hosts, managing guests lists and requests, new controls for hosts, the introduction of new media types, improved discoverability, hosts on Android and improved audio quality.

Twitter is also working on letting hosts allow their chat be natively recorded to be listened on later by people who missed out.

With audio being the future of social media, Twitter is putting a lot of resources to fast pace the adoption of Spaces and we’ll probably see these new features go public sooner than expected.

We’ll keep you posted once these features roll out.

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