KEBS Intros Seamless System for Import Export Approvals


KEBS and the Kenya Trade Net System have launched a system that will ensure that import-export documentations are done online, and in a seamless manner.

The launched product is basically a single-window platform that effectively allows traders to process their documentation faster and more efficiently.

The platform will also save time because, unlike the cumbersome manual process that was plagued with red tape because of the clearances needed from multiple agencies, customers will just need to submit their materials here at a go sans any operational delays.

The system is already live, having started operation on 1st April 2021.

It is also expected to fast-track the clearance of cargo through a self-operating process, allowing businesses to not only plan and allocate resources accordingly but also mitigate logistical risks and challenges.

Moreover, the platform offers a secure verification option to safeguard against false documents such as permits, licenses, and certificates with the aim to create a transparent and fast processing system.

According to the World Bank statistics, Kenya is estimated to export goods and services worth KES 600 million against imports of KES 2 billion.

Other accrued benefits include elimination of cumbersome use and storage of paper files as well as associated costs.

In the past, the time-consuming manual process led to delayed decision making due to additional time spent in obtaining, collating, and analyzing data and high indirect transactional taxation due to errors or duplicated manual processes.

Traders also had to deal with long coding processes, shipping delays and compliance violations at points of entry.

Beneficiaries of the newly introduced Kenya Trade Net System include partner Government Agencies, Exporters, Importers, Consolidators, Ground Handling Agents Customs and Shipping Agents to institutions such as Banks, Insurance and Container Freight Station.