7 Top Best Startup Tech Ideas for 2021


“Waiting for perfect is never as smart as making progress.” These famous words by renowned author Seth Godin act as an inspiration to entrepreneurs, especially during the pandemic. In an actual sense, startup ideas in an uncertain and tough economy may not sound like a wise decision. 

However, successful ventures start from the mindset. Amid immense challenges, everything falls into place, if one remains firm and positive. Still, making a mark in the technology sector is never a walk in the park. Remember that this is an industry defined by rapid innovations. As you fathom through a huge list of tech startup ideas, here are solid ideas destined to stay put through a whirlwind of innovations.

  1. Influencer Promotion

Influencer marketing stands out as one of social media success stories. This involves an influencer who creates a loyal audience for a brand through social media platforms. Successful influencers are experts in their respective field or have a huge social media following. 

Still, a person full of charisma and appeal can succeed as a link between marketing agencies and brands. In a 2020 report, close to 3.96 billion individuals actively engage through social media. With numbers likely to rise, this is one venture worth taking a risk. 

  1. 3D Printing

Although this innovation kicked off more than a decade ago, there have been exciting improvements around it. 3D printing enables users to generate three-dimensional creations from computer aided models. The upgraded capacity to print whole components in singular pieces has created a buzz in the market. As the world witnesses a rising demand for 3D printing, this reveals an industry bursting with opportunities.

  1. Content Automation Software

Currently, businesses have accounts on diverse social media platforms like TikTok, Facebook, Instagram and so forth. Posting alluring content in these channels requires unique planning, analytics, account management and production. 

To stand out among your competitors, you need to invest in comprehensive platforms that guarantee appropriate promotion and analyses performance. This creates an opening for IT geniuses to develop an all in one solution. 

  1. IT Consulting on Cybersecurity

Despite technology’s positive impact, cyber bullying has left companies grasping at straws. This exposes a chance for IT consultants to put their expertise into practice. Primarily, IT consultants examine an organization’s IT system and guide them to meet their goals. As external analysts, they can also assess the security system, conduct tests and advice on how to block cyber hackers.

 Given that most companies cannot function without technology, a business venture around cybersecurity optimistically translates to a quantum leap. 

  1. Web Design

With new businesses mushrooming all over, there is a high probability that web design may take a long time to fade out of the market. This is because almost every organization requires an appealing website to build a brand. 

Effective web design involves copywriting, SEO, interface design, graphic design and UX design. According to a recent study, the web design sector has experienced a tremendous growth of over 6.6% in the last few years. With the venture generating billions of revenue, this tech idea is worth a trial. 

  1. Portable Chargers

Nothing beats the convenience of a mobile device. Despite the hullabaloo, battery dying is an agonizing challenge. The public outcry for a quick solution instigates the expansion of portable chargers industry. With some latest phone models experiencing less battery capacity, this may augment the portable charger market to great lengths.  

  1. Online Classes

With the pandemic rendering millions of people jobless, this is an ideal scheme that can rake in lots of money. Thanks to YouTube and teaching platforms like Udemy, individuals can now share their knowledge on diverse topics like cooking, foreign language, beauty tips and many others.

 If you are great at your work, the industry gives an opportunity to make a pretty income working in the comfort of your home. Still, you can engage influencers to enhance your following and get people to talk about you. 

Bottom Line

Although this list does not touch on all viable tech business ideas, it pinpoints some of the most influential initiatives. Altogether, to simplify your penetration process, incorporate a well-done business plan in your success journey. Keep in mind that a well-thought tech business idea takes minimal time to set off and make a kill.