Infinix Note 10 Pro Launch: Different and Unforgettable

Infinix Note 10 Launch, Ali Barbour’s Cave Restaurant, in Diani Beach.

Infinix Note 10 series launch in Kenya was different. Unlike how it launched its previous devices online this past year and early 2021 – Infinix went with an offline launch full of tech ambience.

Infinix switched things up and instead of holding the event in the capital, the launch was taken to the coast at Ali Barbour’s Cave Restaurant, in Diani Beach.

Infinix says that the selected location was mostly influenced by the brand’s mission to stay true to its rebranding goals of being trendy and techy.

As an online-driven smartphone company that aims to empower today’s youth to stand out from the crowd and show the world who they are this was a great epitome.

The unforgettable experience, as you walked into the main entrance at the parking lot, was lit with laser beams and smoke machines leading up to a giant size media wall banner branded with its brand ambassadors, Sauti Sol

Upon getting to the reception area, you walk down the stairs into a fairyland lit by hundreds of candles. A spiral staircase descending into the main part of the restaurant where laser beams with product and brand logos could be seen moving rapidly across on the coral cave walls as per the ultra-speed NOTE 10 series theme. 

A giant opening in the cave’s roof that would normally provide views of a star-filled sky, was embedded with a hologram of the NOTE 10 creating a mystical tech ambience. 

The entire cave was beautifully illuminated with flashy lights and laser light mapping that brilliantly evoked an outer space futuristic experience.

The big unveil was not just all fireworks, instead, it was carefully set in one of the interlinking chambers, with the Note 10 display phones carefully seating on giant seashells surrounded with mystical smoke.

Infinix Note 10 Launch

Infinix also got to reward its countrywide retail partners.

Pricing and Availability

Infinix Note 10 and Note 10 Pro will be available online and in Infinix retails stores countrywide[Full list here]

The two smartphones are also available on XPark – Infinix’s e-commerce site too.

The Infinix Note 10 starts selling from Ksh 17,599 for the 4GB RAM and 64GB storage option and Ksh 19,299 for the 4GB RAM and 128GB storage option.

Infinix Note 10 Pro starts at Ksh 25,999.

Infinix added free 180 days of screen replacement for the Note 10 series.

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