Android Messages App To Start Categorizing Messages and Auto-deleting OTPs

RCS on Android

Google is adding KonMari to its Android Messages app. The last time we saw any significant update was in late 2019 when the app added RCS that now meant users could send messages over the internet instead of using SMS.

Google is making the app more neater and organized by sorting text messages into categories just like the way Gmail does it with the different tabs on top of the app right below the search bar.


Categories included are Personal, Transactions, OTPs, and Offers.

The Personal tab will have conversations with saved numbers while the Transactions tab will have bank transactions and bills sorted here.

Google says this is to help consumers easily access the messages that matter most to them. The tech giant adds that the sorting happens on the users’ devices so the conversations stay in the app.

You can also access the categorized messages offline too.

Auto-delete Feature

Android Messages already offers spam protection by automatically moving suspected spam messages into a spam folder thus helping reduce the volume of unwanted messages.

With the Auto-delete feature, Android Messages app will automatically delete your one-time passwords (OTPs) 24-hours after they’re received and I can’t wait for this feature to roll out – it will take the load of work of manually deleting them.

The app will prompt you when you receive an OTP text.

Google says these new features are optional and will be found in the settings. These two features are currently rolling out to Android phones in India running on Android 8 and above.

In the announcement, Google didn’t mention if they’ll be rolling it out to other countries but keep it Techweez to be informed when to expect this.

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