Twitter to Allow Businesses Add a Shopping Section to Their Profiles


Twitter likes to keep things moving when it comes to features it is testing. The latest feature is Twitter Shopping.

The company is working on adding a Shop Module(Catalog) section on top of profiles especially Business accounts that will showcase a carousel of products the account sells for Tweeps to browse.

The products shown will have links to click to purchase item that has caught your eye without leaving the app.

As usual, the test is only for select businesses and only available to iOS devices.

It’s a little too late for Twitter as other rival social networks already have this feature including Pinterest, WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook.

“People talk about products on Twitter every day, so we’re excited about how this early exploration of the Shop Module can build a bridge between people talking about and discovering products on Twitter to actually purchasing them,” Twitter adds.

This new feature has been met with criticism – both positive and negative


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