Samsung Can Remotely Disable Your TV

Samsung QLED TVs

If you are a Samsung Tv owner, you should be aware that the company has a pre-loaded technology on all Samsung TV products, that it can use to deactivate your television set remotely. TV Block is a Samsung security solution that the company can deploy if they detect unduly activation of a stolen Samsung TV unit.

TV Block has been recently activated in South Africa after a wave of protests due to the jailing of the country’s former President Jacob Zuma led to looting and vandalism. During these events that occurred in July this year, Samsung Television sets were looted from a distribution center in South Africa.

The TV block function works once a TV set has been connected to the internet, and it is at this point that Samsung cross-checks its serial number with a list on its database for a possible match. For the units stolen during the South African protest, the process to disable TV functions was easy, as they were stolen from a Samsung warehouse and the company had inventory for all units.

The aim of this technology by Samsung is to prevent the creation of a black market through its products that have been acquired unlawfully. They are hoping that this technology will have a positive impact on a large scale in their market segments.

“As an organization, we acknowledge the critical role in giving our customers and clients peace of mind. Working together, we can overcome the impact of the unprecedented disruption to business, as experienced by many of us recently,” said the Director of Consumer Electronics at Samsung South Africa.

Samsung TV owners who might have their TV units accidentally deactivated, functionality can be reinstated once a customer presents the organization or a legitimate retailer with a valid TV license and proof of purchase.

Samsung also reported they are continuously working towards expansion of such strategic products in their consumer electronics division “with defence-grade security, purpose-built, with innovative and intuitive business tools designed for a new world.”