5 Apple Accessories that Are Out Right Now Can Transform Your User Experience


There are millions of people who belong to the Apple cult. They buy the new iPhone models when they come out, and they might own Apple Watches and tablets as well. Every year, seemingly, Apple comes out with new replacement versions that promise exciting new features.

However, you definitely ought to keep an eye out for accompanying products that can change how you use your Apple device. We’ve come up with this list of some of these products that are out right now. If you want to use your Apple product differently, look into some of these options today.

Beats Flex Wireless Earphones

If you’re shopping for Apple products to go along with your smartphone or tablet, you’re not likely to use them for purely practical purposes. It’s not like a company using a federated identity manager to connect its IT resources. Still, nothing says you can’t make a frivolous purchase every now and then if you feel like you’ve earned it.

To that end, you might want to look at the Flex Wireless Earbuds that are out right now from Beats. Apple owns the company, and they have put their stamp on these flexible, lightweight earbuds.

You might not consider them to be true “wireless” earbuds since they connect to each other, though not to the device. The soft connective strand goes under your chin, or you can put it over your head as well. If you go that way, you can wear a hat over the connective strap, so nobody sees it.

These earbuds deliver excellent sound quality, and you can walk down the street listening to your favorite tunes. They’re just as good on public transportation, especially if you’re trying to drown out a talkative stranger next to you.

The Apple USB-C Power Adaptor

You might need a power adaptor if you bought one of the newer iPhone models or someone gave you one as a present. If you require a new charging adaptor, this is probably the best one on the market. It’s small and inconspicuous, but it will allow you to charge your device or use it in many different settings.

This charger is safe to use with any iPhone version. It also will give you the best charging speed of any equivalent ones on the market.

There are assorted knockoff versions you can get as well, but they probably will not last as long as this, a genuine Apple product. You can pop it in your bag if you’re going on a trip.

The Apple Remote for Your Apple TV

If you bought an Apple TV, you will probably enjoy learning about its features. The Apple TV allows you to see a 4K high frame rate, and you can use Siri with it as well. You can also see live TV on it, but also all of your favorite movies and shows.

You might also want to grab an Apple TV remote to use with it, though. The Apple TV remote does come with the TV purchase, but these remotes are slim and easy to lose.

You can buy a replacement easily enough, and, like the power adaptor, it’s best to go with the genuine article instead of a more inexpensive Chinese version. The cost is about twice as much, but the Apple version will sync instantly with your TV, and you won’t have to struggle with it.

The MagSafe Charger

Apple also has a MagSafe-style charger that you might go with instead of the plug-in versions. This charger has a circular charging attachment that you attach to the phone’s back. It works with all of the more recent iPhone models.

The magnetic attraction between phone and charger means you can set it on a countertop or table, and you won’t have to worry about it if someone bumps it or you have a curious cat that likes to bat objects around. You won’t break the magnetic bond until you take hold of the phone and charger and pull slightly.

The thing to watch out for with these is the slim wire attached to the charger. It can look as enticing as a spaghetti strand if you have a pet that likes to chew things.

Apple AirTags

If you are an individual who is always losing things, the Apple brand AirTags can save you. These tags can attach to any Apple product, and you will probably find them useful if you’re going on a trip. You can also put them on wallets, bags, or purses.

These are NFC-based trackers. You stick them on your belongings and then track them with your phone. You can use them to make sure the baggage handlers put your bags on the plane like they should if you’re switching planes multiple times in one day.

If you ever misplace something on which you put an AirTag, you can locate it. If it’s something valuable, think how glad you will be to retrieve it with minimal difficulty. This can also help you if someone snatches your purse or takes your wallet out of your pocket.

Bonus: The Belkin Boost Charging Stand

We’re going to mention one more product. Apple did not design this one, but you can use your iPhone with it very easily.

The Belkin 3-in-1 Charge Pro can charge not just your iPhone but also an Apple Watch and your earbuds at the same time. If you’re going on a trip, you can take this along and set it up on your nightstand when you get to the hotel.

You can put all three of your Apple devices there, and they should be good to go in about an hour. If you don’t own all of these devices, it’s probably not all that advisable for you to get this gadget. If you are an Apple device collector, though, you should get this as a gift for yourself before you hit the road in 2021’s latter half.