How UX/UI Affects Sales

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When UX research improves the experience of interacting with a product – it not only increases user satisfaction, but also improves conversion rates and makes the business profitable.

The ultimate goal of any business is profit, and until a company believes that UX activities, will bring it that benefit, then it will never go for it.

So when you’re trying to sell UX to a business, don’t talk about how you’ll make a great product and everyone will be happy because of it. Talk in terms of business objectives about why doing quality UX research is important.

Incorporating UX research and iterative testing into the standard product development process would seem to increase project time and cost. However, these activities actually save resources by developing the right solution from the beginning, as well as finding and fixing problems early in the project when they are easy and inexpensive to change.

On average, developers spend 50% of their time fixing problems that could have been avoided. And this significantly affects the cost and duration of the project.

The price difference here is stark. It costs 10 times as much to fix a problem in the development phase as it does in the design phase, and 100 times as much if you’re trying to fix a problem in an already-released product

The choice is to think about the future now or spend more money to fix the problem later. All in order to achieve the same end goal: a seamless user experience and later increase a metric like Retention.

User testing will not only help you discover serious problems, it will also help you find many things that need improvement. By having metrics that match your users’ experience, you can justify the cost of making changes. You can prioritize your list of improvements based on the quality of your product performance. You should focus on the user experience to see what you need to address first.

If you do your UX research from the beginning and come up with an optimized design, you’ll minimize money spent on referrals, sales and marketing in the future. A positive user experience creates a lasting relationship with users who not only want to buy your product, but also recommend it, such as on social media. So that they improve their social brand like Prince Albert II does. As long as your product resonates with users, they will be happy to recommend it to their family, friends and colleagues. Word-of-mouth reviews are free, which saves you money on marketing.

The connection between UX and increased revenue, at first glance, is not obvious, but it is easy to calculate. What’s more, there are plenty of studies that confirm that properly tuned UX brings excellent ROI (return on investment).

On average, every dollar spent on UX brings a profit of $2 to $100. The reason is simple: the better the usability, the higher the conversion rate.

People want products and systems that meet their needs, are easy and enjoyable to use. Products that provide a good user experience in addition to nice marketing and content will sell better.

Since many competing web products are readily available, people will not spend a lot of time trying to figure it out and will move on to another product that provides a better user experience.


The benefits of implementing UX early in a project are often underestimated by businesses, and often because we ourselves make the mistake of communicating a project’s need for UX. We show why we need UX from the user’s point of view, and forget to tell what the business gets out of it.