DStv Likely to Unbundle Premium Package to Reduce Subscription Cost

DStv is reportedly testing a new package called DStv Flex that will be accompanied by a compulsory fee of R299 monthly (approx. KES 2300).

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Sports lovers, especially football fans usually have one option to catch up on their favourite matches, and that is on DStv. The satellite TV service, which is owned by South Africa’s MultiChoice, is a popular service, but its most robust plan is often out of reach for many people in terms of affordability.

Now, new developments have it that MultiChoice is planning to shake up things with DStv Premium. This is according to Teeveetee, which reports that the Premium plan will be unbundled, meaning sports and premium movie channels will be separated from the Premium package.

At the moment, DStv is reportedly testing a new package called DStv Flex that will be accompanied by a compulsory fee of R299 monthly (approx. KES 2300). Flex has the Entertainment Pack, which includes 67 DStv Premium channels. Also, take note that the pricing is for SA, which is different from the rest of other African countries where DStv is available.

Flex will comprise of other general entertainment and movie channels, kids channels, lifestyle and documentary channels, news and weather channels, music, and free to air channels.

Then, subscribers will have the option to supplement their packages with three sports packages that include a cocktail of ESPN and SuperSport channels on the DStv bouquet.

Two of the sports packs will cost R349 per month (KES 2700), each.

One of them is Sports Pack 1 that includes football and all other sports channels, except for rugby, cricket, and the Grandstand channels.

The second one is named Sports Pack 2, and it includes Rugby and all other sport, not including football, ESPN, or the Grandstand channel.

The third sports package has all sports channels, including Grandstand, but at R499 per month (KES 3800).  

You have to take note that these sports packages cannot be purchased separately. You have to pay the compulsory fee for the Entertainment Pack, and then supplement it using any sports pack of your choice. You can then do the math to see how much it would cost you.

The Flex name is handy here because it gives customers an option to skip sports packs when they do not need them. This is actually key during international breaks, or when there are no interesting matches going on, thus saving money in the end.

Furthermore, there will be a premium Movie Pack package for R99 per month, which is an add-on that is already accessible on Compact, Compact Plus, Family and Access.

DStv Flex, should it be released to the masses, will be available on satellite and on streaming-only packages that need an internet connection.