Telkom Kenya’s Revised Voice Bundles Now Include 100 On-net Minutes for KES 10


Telkom Kenya is known for its affordable offers, both for voice and internet.

The telco, which is Kenya’s third-largest, has been attempting to appeal to local consumers for a long time, even deliberately launching products mainly geared for a younger audience.

Its growth has not been very good, to say the least. It had planned, for instance, to merge with Airtel Kenya to rival Safaricom, but that partnership did not see the light of day and was abandoned altogether.

The company also saw its Loon Program halted after Alphabet Inc. shut down Project Loon because it was reportedly unsustainable. It was a loss for Kenyans because Loon’s mandate was to offer 4G connectivity to folks in underserved and remote areas using internet-beaming balloons.

To this end, Telkom has been left on its own, but it has since committed itself to expand its 4G coverage, among other investments, to other parts of the country where its network is wanting.

All the developments, and shortfalls aside, Telkom has today revamped its voice offerings for mobile prepaid customers.

The improved voice bundled, named Sema Yote and previously known as Chapa Story, will now give subscribers 100 free minutes of talk per day for KES 10. The package is valid for 24 hours.

Subscribers who pay KES 150 will receive 100 free minutes of talk time per day for 30 days.

To note, these are on-net calls (Telkom to Telkom).

Furthermore, Telkom Kenya has also adjusted its Mambo product. It has, as of today, moved the number of free voice minutes from daily to monthly. Subscribers who pay KES 99 and KES 199 per month will receive 100 and 200 minutes free call time minutes per month, respectively, in place of 99 minutes and 100 minutes per day.

Again, these are on-net calls.

Telkom to other networks costs KES 2+ tax.

Customers can access the revised services from the *544# menu, or through the My Telkom App.


ChargesValidityFree on-net minutesTo other networks
KES 1024 hours100 minutes dailyKES 2 + tax
KES 15030 days100 minutes monthly KES 2 + tax