Ad-Free YouTube App Vanced Discontinued. Here Are Alternatives


Ads on YouTube have become so annoying especially since the video-sharing platform now puts almost three ads back to back. Creators also shamelessly plug their own ads mid through their videos.

Vanced really came through to offer an enjoyable experience as YouTube Premium isn’t available in most regions. The app is sadly shutting down.

Vanced removed the pre-roll ads and the sponsored segments in the videos. You could also select which channels that could play ads.

The app also removed ads in the Home tab and the ads related to movie/tv purchases or merchandise were disabled. You could also block YouTube Shorts, YouTube Stories, remove the create button, have a wide search bar and so much more.

Other features included background play, picture-in-picture play, AMOLED black theme, restore dislike counts, ability to swipe controls for volume or brightness.

Vanced got a cease and desist from Google, YouTube’s parent company. They were asked to remove all references to ‘YouTube’, change the logo, and remove all links related to YouTube products.

“Vanced has been discontinued. In the coming days, the download links on the website will be taken down. We know this is not something you wanted to hear but it’s something we need to do. Thank you all for supporting us over the years,” reads a statement shared on Twitter.

The app is still accessible for people who’ve already downloaded it until they become outdated in 2 years as the company says.

They are some alternatives including SkyTube and Smart Tube.

The safest option is to use Brave. It’s a privacy-focussed browser that has adblocker inbuilt – no need for additional extensions. The mobile app also allows for background play and you can opt to pin the YouTube page as a shortcut app for quick access.

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  1. These are good options, but I assure you that there are no good alternatives to YouTube, except vimeo. Like it or not, YouTube is the most profitable and popular platform that can provide any kind of content.

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