TikTok Adds Watch History Feature


I spend a ton of time on TikTok. It’s literally the last app I close before going to bed and the first app to open in the morning. My For You Page is a cocktail of different videos – funny, interesting to the outright weird.

My one issue with the app was that you couldn’t find that one video you found worth sharing with your friend on TikTok or download and share on other social media platforms. This happens a lot if you refresh the feed by accidentally pull to refresh.

They’re various workarounds like going to your liked videos section of the app on your profile.

The other one is to go to your discover page, click search, add an asterisk, then tap on the filter icon and on the menu that pops, toggle on watched videos(options range from This week, Yesterday, This Month, Last 3 Months, Last 6 Months and All Time, ) and then hit apply.

The last one was to download all your TikTok data.

But now, you don’t have to go all through that hassle as TikTok is working to bring a Watch History feature to the app.

This option will let you view up to 7 days of watch history.

TikTok hasn’t shared when we should expect this feature to roll out to everyone but hopefully very soon.

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