Kenya Copyright Board To Reintroduce Copyright Registration Charges On July 1


The Kenya Copyright Board has announced it will resume charging for copyright registration.

The Board says the fees will be collected from July 1, which means the free copyright registration will be free for the next month.

The Board is required under the Copyright Act to maintain a data bank of authors and their works by registering copyright works. This registration is voluntary.

However, non-registration does not deny authors any rights under the Copyright Act.

Registering copyright works ensures the existence of a public record of owners/authors. The certificate of registration also serves as evidence of ownership of a copyright. It could also be used as collateral in a bank or any other lending institution if one wants to access a loan.


S. No.Services offeredNatural personsCorporate entities
1Copyright registration per work   Copyright registration per software registrationKES 100       KES 100KES 500       KES 1000
2Application to amend name or address of copyright holderKES 100KES 300
3Application for recordal of license or assignment in the copyright registerKES 5000KES 10000
4Application to have a change of ownership or a registered copyrightKES 100KES 100
5Request for a certified copy of documents held by the BoardKES 500KES 1000
6Request for uncertified copies of documents held by the BoardKES 300KES 500
7Request for a copy of lost/destroyed certificate of registration/registered copyright workKES 200KES 500
8Expedited Copyright Registration within 12 working hours (in addition to relevant registration fees)KES 300KES 500
9Application for registration of new Collective Management OrganizationKES 250K
10Application for renewal of registration of a Collective Management OrganizationsKES 100 per member on the CMO register subject to a minimum fee of KES 200K
11Application for authentication device subject to a minimum of 100 piecesKES 4KES 4

Registering a copyright

  • Go to 
  • Create an account and then upload your work. You can either create an individual account or a corporate account.
  • Receive a validation code
  • Enter the code and complete the account creation process
  • Log in and proceed with the registration.