After Google and Microsoft, e-Taxi Firm Bolt Opens Regional Hub in Kenya

No other e-taxi app has Bolt's kind of reach in Kenya because it is present in 16 towns in Kenya.


A lot of global companies have been setting up their regional hubs in Kenya.

Microsoft, for instance, launched the ADC cost it $27 million to open, and it has since grown to be one of the key employers for software developers.

Google did the same thing just the other day and even hired Microsoft ADC ex-MD for its Cloud Office in the country.

Payments corporation VISA also launched an innovation centre. This follows the company’s plan to extend its product offerings in Kenya and has even partnered with Safaricom for the virtual VISA card for global payments.  

Now, Bolt, the e-taxi app that rivals Uber and Little in Kenya has announced the opening of its regional hub in Nairobi. The hub is stationed at Riverside Drive, and will, according to reports, serve as a host for top managers running operations in the continent.

Other than Kenya, Bolt, which hails from Estonia, runs its taxi services in Uganda, Nigeria, TZ, South Africa and Tunisia.

Prior to this development, Bolt did not have a regional hub in Africa.

The Nairobi office will also play a key role in Bolt’s expansion plan as it seeks to enter more markets.

Bolt is also one of the few taxi apps that run its service in many towns in Kenya. It is present in 16 towns in the country, making it the only taxi app in some urban centres. Only Uber comes in second, and that is after it launched in Naivasha, Kisumu, Nanyuki and Gilgil just the other day.

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