Kenya Power Fixed Internet Service Will Be Named Lit Fibre, To Launch in June 2023

lit Fibre is aptly a cool name for Kenya Power's fixed internet product. And we hope it will target rural Kenya.

kenya power live line
Source: Kenya Power

At the end of 2021, we learned that Kenya Power was planning to offer internet services in rural areas.

These areas are hardly served by fixed services because internet companies tend to prefer urban areas where revenue returns are high.

The likes of Safaricom Home Fibre, JTL, and Zuku are limited to regions where the companies running them can find customers, which, again, means that major towns are their main market.

Kenya is experiencing substantial growth in the number of people using internet services.

Those in the rural areas do not have any kind of broadband or a fixed connection they can tap into because as said, the services are mostly a reserve of Kenya’s leading urban centres.

Now, and according to a report, Kenya Power has reaffirmed its position in offering this service with a launch date.

The power distributor says that the service, named Lit Fibre should be live one year from now, that is, in June 2023.

Offering fixed internet services is part of Kenya Power’s plan to diversify revenues.

The company also has a footing in the business already because it leases fibre optic cables to Safaricom and Zuku.

At the moment, the power corporation has more than 7K km of fibre cables that are linked to its power transmission line.

The launch of the product will see the company rival the likes of Safaricom, Wananchi group (Zuku), and JTL.

According to the latest stats, Safaricom leads the pack in fixe data subscriptions in the country.

It owns 35.8 percent market share, despite coming late in the fixed internet party. It has 303K subscriptions so far, accounting for the said market share.

Zuku, or Wananachi Group comes in second with 28.1 percent market share (238K subs), followed by JTL and Poa! Internet at 20.4 percent and 9.9 percent, respectively.