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What Are Safaricom and Kenya Power Smart Meters, and Installation Roadmap

Safaricom is diversifying and adding one more service in their portfolio, and it is in electrical connection to your household. The telco provider, which...
Kenya Power solar

Kenya Power Set To Join Solar Business To Steady Revenues

Kenya Power is set to join the solar business, which is a move seen to help the utility parastatal protect its future revenue streams...
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You Can Now Purchase Kenya Power Tokens Using Bonga Points

You can now buy power tokens using Bonga points. This development follows a partnership between Safaricom and Kenya Power that will see the electricity...
kenya power live line

Kenya Power Completes Pilot Phase of Live Network Maintenance

Kenya Power launched their Live Line maintenance programme a few years back that was geared to conduct periodic maintenance without having to turn off power...
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Kenya Power Cautions Telcos Who Illegally Lay Fibre Optic Cables on their Poles

Fibre Optic usage in Kenya has grown over the past few years and that means a lot of these cables have been laid around...
10 kenyan government websites you need to know

10 Kenyan Government Websites You Need in Your Life

Accessing services provided by the government has become the norm rather than the exception. In the last few years, we have seen the Kenyan...
KPLC Electricity Bills Explained

Kenya Power Pre-Paid tokens explained (Part II),Kenya Power bill

Why is your Kenya Power bill about to shoot up dramatically? If you've read the news recently, you'll have seen that Kenya Power intends...
kplc prepaid meters

Kenya Power Pre-paid Tokens Explained [Part 1]

KPLC pre-paid tokens explained and simplified.

Safaricom Pilots Fiber to the Home In Nairobi, Aims for Zuku’s Jugular

In 2015, Kenya Power announced it was considering venturing into the home internet business. The company was to rely on its extensive distribution footprint...

Kenya Power Plans Bring Internet to Kenyan Homes by December 2016

In 2015, Kenya Power announced it was considering venturing into the home internet business. The company was to rely on its extensive distribution footprint...
Monkey on Gitaru Power Plant

How a Monkey Took Over Kenyan Social Media

Yesterday, a rare thing happened in Kenya. We are usually accustomed to the planned power outages for maintenance and localized outages when there is...
Kenya Power Telegram bot

Kenya Power Bot is a Telegram bot for checking your electricity bill

The Bot platform of Telegram Messenger is one of the cool things about the chatting app. These bots do various automated tasks for you...

Kenya Power Launches Power Alerts Website for Free Automated Power Outage Alerts

If you have lived in Kenya, you will have an idea of the unreliable nature of the electricity distribution by the national company Kenya...

Kenya Power to Reduce Transmission Costs by Adopting Fibreglass Poles

One of the benefits given by the fibreglass is its ability to withstand adverse weather conditions, it is also cheaper to maintain. This has...

Kenya Power adds Family Bank ATMs as postpay electricity payment solution

Postpay electricity customers in Kenya will now have an added paypoint to pay their monthly bills, thanks to a partnership realized earlier between Kenya...
Oracle Exadata

Seven Seas integrates Oracle Exadata Machine to manage Kenya Power Data

Kenya Power has gone digital, in management of data by integrating Oracle Exadata, a data warehousing and online transaction processing machine. Kenya power is...