Tips On How to Reduce Your Mobile Data Consumption


In this digital era, we find ourselves browsing the internet more often than before. We constantly need to keep updated on the current events, watch videos online, chat with friends online, download new songs and also perform some work-related activities. We do all these efficiently through our mobiles and this may end up depleting our data bundles.

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Let us consider some tips to help you preserve your data bundles and help you save some money.

Tip 1: Set a Data limit

You are able to set a limit that allows you not to exceed your data usage on your smartphone. To do this follow the steps:

  • Head to Settings > Network & Internet > Data Usage.
  • Tap on Data warning & Limit and set data warning (This is where you will set a unique limit)
  • In Data Usage, enable Data saver to utilize less

Tip 2: Ensure all applications are not syncing automatically

It is important to ensure that all application activities running in the background are restricted. If left unchecked this background activity will deplete your mobile data. To disable background activity:

  • Head to Settings > Apps & Notifications
  • Check the applications that are syncing various data such as your phone contacts.
  • Tap on each option for each application to check data usage > Select the data usage option > then select the disable Background data option.

Tip 3:  Reduce stream quality

When streaming ultra-high-definition videos, your data can get depleted very fast. Most streaming sites such as YouTube, Netflix, and ShowMax usually have a setting that allows you to stream videos on a standard definition or a low-quality standard. Be sure to note that your video quality may suffer with these efforts.

Tip 4: Ensure backups and syncing utilize WiFi only

Many applications have the option of carrying out backups to the cloud while either utilizing mobile data or the WIFI. Applications such as Whatsapp, provide you with the option of only carrying out backups on while your phone is connected to WIFI. Setting this option in all applications will ensure that you save on mobile data usage.

When you carry all the above, stick to using WIFI to browse, and switch off the mobile data while you are not browsing the internet, your mobile data will be conserved.

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