Uber XL and Uber ChapChap Share Unveiled in Kenya


A couple of weeks ago, we learned that Uber was planning to expand to new markets in Kenya. 

The day has finally arrived because customers in Eldoret, Nakuru, Naivasha, and Kisumu will finally be able to use the e-taxi app. 

Uber has only been limited to select towns, including Nairobi, Thika, and Mombasa. 

The development also marks an expansion strategy to beat the likes of Bolt, which serves more than 15 towns in the country. 

Its availability in the named towns now means that Uber is available across 8 cities in East Africa. 

Uber has since left the Tanzania market after the transport authority introduced some new measures, including how drivers should be compensated. The measures, reportedly, made it impossible for Uber to continue serving the market. Rival Bolt has also stopped picking ordinary riders, choosing to serve corporates only. 

Uber XL and ChapChap Share 

Uber Kenya has also announced the availability of Uber XL in Nairobi. This option provides seating for up to 6 people and extra luggage and is great for airport trips and even for groups who are making a business trip.

It is basically normal Uber, but with a larger vehicle/van.

At the same time, Uber is also launching Uber ChapChap Share, the option of a shared ride that gives up to 30% of savings on trip fares, when a rider is paired with a co-rider.

Uber Eats 

Uber Eats is rolling out new features across Sub-Saharan Africa such as Item Replacements, which allows consumers to choose the next best item if the original item is out of stock, and Safety Age Verification for customers to scan their IDs to confirm they are of legal age to purchase alcohol and pharmacy items. 

The delivery marketplace is a growing industry with the potential for massive development and expansion across the continent. It has a reach of over 30 million people with Uber Eats’ technology-driven delivery services.


Imran  Manji, Head of East Africa explains: “We are committed to East Africa, a key contributor to the growth of our business in Sub-Saharan Africa. We’re passionate about helping people travel and discover their city with ease and helping drivers increase earning opportunities.”

Kui Mbugua, General Manager for Uber Eats Kenya says, “With a 67% year-on-year growth of subscriptions on Eats, we are humbled and encouraged by the expansion that we have seen in South Africa and Kenya.”