Oppo partners with Spotify for customized Music Experiences


OPPO has announced a new partnership with the popular audio streaming platform Spotify to deliver a customized music experience. The company seeks to create an all-new easy, and customizable music experience on OPPO’s ColorOS 13.

With these multiple new features, OPPO users can easily access music, podcasts, etc, and personalize the Spotify app. The new features include:

  • Smart Always-On-Display (AOD): Users can now know what Spotify content is playing simply by glancing at the AOD and double-clicking on the music control panel. This eliminates the need to wake the device up, giving listeners a new way to keep music at their fingertips.
Smart Always-On-Display supports Spotify controls and information display
  • Shelf: The new Shelf feature in ColorOS 13 includes an in-built Spotify Card containing Spotify content recommendations. Through this feature, Kenyan OPPO users have access to their favorite music on the Spotify app just a slide away.
In-built Spotify card in shelf in ColorOS 13                                                    

Other features

  • Clock1: This is an alarm integration in the ColorOS 13 Clock app that enables users to wake up every morning to their favorite Spotify tracks, playlists, and podcasts.
Spotify alarm integration in the ColorOS 13 Clock app

According to Gary Chen, Oppo’s partnership with Spotify represents a new exploration into the possibilities of smartphone operating systems. The Head of OPPO Software Product further adds, “Through this, we are bringing a more intelligent and efficient operating system to users, enabling them to spend more time enjoying music and the other most-loved features on the OPPO smartphones.”

ColorOS 13 is the latest Android-Based Operating System from OPPO. It is designed for simplicity and comfort with its Aquamorphic Design. The ColorOS 13 features a series of innovative and intelligent features that include Multi-Screen Connect, Meeting Assistant, Smart AOD, and Home Screen Management.

Based on the Android Operating System, ColorOS provides exclusive, intelligent, and user-friendly experiences to over 500 million global monthly active users. It is available in 67 languages, including English, French, Spanish, and Hindi.