Cryptocurrencies That Can Save Your Portfolio In The Ongoing Bear Market – Near Protocol, Monero and Big Eyes Coin


Over the course of the ongoing bear market, crypto experts have reiterated countless times that it is a situation that is necessary for the growth and development of the cryptocurrency industry. Crypto experts argue that at the end of the ongoing bear market, the industry would be better off and come back stronger than it ever was.

However, it is easy to see why crypto regulars, such as traders and investors, would be frustrated by the current situation. The ongoing bear market has significantly strained the industry and continues to make day-to-day activities, such as trading and investing, difficult. If crypto regulars cannot go about their daily activities, then they will incur countless losses. It is a dire situation that requires feasible solutions. It is for this reason that long-term cryptocurrency investing is making a comeback within the industry. Long-term cryptocurrency investing is a tested and trusted strategy that mitigates the risk of running at a loss in the current climate and guarantees massive returns in the long run.

This piece suggests three cryptocurrencies that would make fantastic long-term cryptocurrency investments in the current climate. Here’s all you need to know about Near Protocol (NEAR), Monero (XMR) and Big Eyes Coin (BIG).

Near Protocol (NEAR)

Near Protocol (NEAR) is a layer-one blockchain within the cryptocurrency industry that functions as a community-run cloud computing platform. Near Protocol (NEAR) is notable for providing feasible solutions to many problems within the industry, such as low transaction speeds, low throughput and poor interoperability. Its speed and performance make it an ideal environment for creating and deploying Decentralized Applications (dApps). Flux, a protocol that allows developers to create markets based on assets, commodities, and real-world events, and Mintbase, an NFT minting platform, are examples of projects being built on Near Protocol (NEAR).

Its native cryptocurrency, NEAR, is an integral part of its ecosystem. NEAR incentivizes the network and facilitates network governance, payment fees, user interaction and other crypto operations. It is a highly sought-after cryptocurrency with stock on prominent crypto platforms within the industry, such as Binance and Coinbase.

Monero (XMR)

Monero (XMR) is a privacy cryptocurrency within the industry that seeks to allow transactions to take place privately and with anonymity. It is a cryptocurrency whose design allows it d to obscure senders and recipients alike through the use of advanced cryptography. Within the cryptocurrency industry, Monero (XMR) is regarded as a cryptocurrency with privacy, security, ease of use and efficiency at its heart. It is a cryptocurrency that aims to allow payments to be made quickly and inexpensively without fear of censorship. Monero (XMR) is available on several prominent crypto platforms within the industry, such as Binance and Coinbase.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG)

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is one of the most anticipated meme currencies within the cryptocurrency industry. It is a token that plays a major role in an upcoming crypto project that seeks to lead the advancement and development of the blockchain industry, as well as reduce the myth surrounding Decentralized Finance (De-Fi) among global communities. The token possesses several attractive features that could see it become a valuable asset in the current climate.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is currently on presale and has raised over $8.5 million making it one of the most successful cryptocurrencies launched within the industry amid the ongoing bear market. For more information on the token, click here:





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