A new month and a new Twitter boss. Elon Musk completed buying Twitter late last week and fired the company’s top execs in his takeover. Well, besides spreading misinformation on his first day, the Tesla CEO is bringing radical changes to the social networking site.

He changed the Twitter homepage for logged-out users who now get directed to the Explore page that showcases twitters new stories and trending tweets instead of the usual sign-up page.

The more interesting change is that Elon Musk is revamping the verification process. It’ll now be part of the Twitter Blue premium subscription. The incendiary tech mogul wants you to pay up to remain verified on his platform. He’s also increasing the Twitter Blue subscription from $4.99 to $20 a month.

Yeah, this means you’ll have to dish out $20 to have that blue checkmark remain next to your username.

Elon told Twitter employees working under the verification team to meet his November 7th deadline to bring these changes or else get fired.

Elon wants to increase the company’s revenue and one of those ways will be by increasing Twitter Blue subscriptions in terms of numbers and subscription charges. To remain verified, you’ll have to subscribe to the platform’s $20 premium subscription.

Elon is giving existing verified users three months(90 days ) to have the blue checkmark next to their handles before losing it if they won’t have subscribed to the new Twitter Blue feature once it goes live.

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