60.2 Percent of Kenya’s Fixed Data Users are Connected Via Fibre


The number of Kenyans using fixed data has been increasing over the last couple of years. Zuku, which is owned by the Wananchi Group, had been leading the space until that time when Safaricom toppled it from the top position.

Now, Safaricom has the highest number of fixed data subscriptions at 350K for the quarter that ended in September 2022, up from 314K for the quarter that ended in June 2022. This effectively grows its market share to 35.6 percent.

Zuku comes in second with a market share of 25.5 percent and with 251K subscribers.

The rest of the companies rank as follows:

ProviderNumber of subscriptions% Market share
Poa! Internet107K10.8
Liquid Telecom16K1.7
Dimension Data13K1.3
Telkom Kenya4.5K0.5
Vilcom Network3K0.3

The majority of fixed data/Internet subscribers were on speeds greater than/equal to 2 Mbps and less than 10 Mbps. Also, 60.2 percent of fixed data/Internet subscribers were connected through fibre technology.

Internet Technology<256Kbps=>256Kbps < 2Mbps=>2 Mbps <10 Mbps=>10Mbps <30 Mbps=>30 Mbps <100Mbps=>100 MbpsTotals
Cable Modem56,423133,14313,081490203,137
Copper (DSL)112340536553812
Fixed Wireless7,6597,402160,95881072281520186,927
Other Fixed66585252777
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