WhatsApp Now Makes Sure You Actually ‘Delete for Everyone’


For some time now, WhatsApp has been implementing new features to appeal to its users.

The platform, while inferior to the likes of Telegram, is one of the most used chat apps in the world because it was one of the apps of its caliber to launch and has a loyal user base of more than 2 billion people.

The app is not cloud-based like Telegram (which is my biggest issue with it), but users can back up their chats on Google Drive (the storage does not affect the allocated space by Google, which is 15GB for non-paying customers).

Other features have since been added to the platform: it is almost fully encrypted now; users can use it on more than one device; users can still access it on other devices even if the main account has been disconnected; it has a tablet and Windows apps now; it allows users to delete messages that have been sent by mistake, although you cannot edit them as is the case with Telegram; and much more.

Now, the message deletion part is key here because it has been supplemented with an additional option.

See, when you delete a message, you can do it for yourself, or delete ‘for everyone.’ This is essential, especially in cases where you accidentally send a message to a group that is not meant for them.  

Only you can’t recall a decision after you have accidentally hit ‘delete for me’, which is useless if your goal is to make sure the recipient(s) does not see that message.

In a new update, WhatsApp now gives you three or so seconds to undo ‘delete for me.’ If that is not the intended action, you can undo it, and ‘delete for everyone’ if you so choose.

This is a great update, and we are looking forward to Meta making the app more useful with additional features in the coming days.