Here Are KCB to M-PESA Transaction Charges Effective 2023


The Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) announced that bank-to-mobile money transfers will start attracting fees. This follows a push by the financial industry in Kenya to reinstate the charges after they were dropped at the start of the pandemic back in 2020.

Kenyans have been enjoying the free service for under three years now, but that comes to an end tomorrow, January 1, 2023. Effectively, any transfers made to mobile money wallets will attract a transactional fee, and we have the numbers for KCB.

Band in KESCharges in KES 
1 – 10054.32Free
101 – 50054.3211.20
501 – 1,00054.3213.60
1,001 – 1,50062.8816
1,501 – 2,50062.8826
2,501 – 3,50062.8838
3,501 – 5,00062.8850
5,001 – 7,50062.8864
7,501 – 20,00062.8876
20,001 – 150,00062.8878

To note, these are fees for sending money from your KCB account to M-PESA/mobile money wallet.

While it was also free, at least for some banks, to send money from mobile money wallets to banks, this will not be the case because the same directive now imposes fees for these transactions.

Telco Safaricom has since adjusted these paybill charges, which will go live as we roll into 2023. They have been reduced significantly, and up to 50 percent for some tariffs.

Here are the charges:

Max band (KES)Min band (KSH)Current tariff (KES)New tariff (KES)
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  1. and why is it that if i can access my money from fixed deposit….then reply is failed try next time why

  2. This information is INACCURATE.

    The correct information is;
    Ksh 1-100 charge is Ksh 0
    Ksh 101 – 500 charge is Ksh 11.20
    Ksh 501 – 1000 charge is Ksh 13.60
    Ksh 1001 – 1500 charge is Ksh 16

    And so on

  3. People will have to go back to matress banking,as well digging holes n putting ur money there where only you can identify.The money is put inside a tin.Back to them days.

  4. Kinacho ni furaisha nii saa hii kila mtu analia hata wenye wali cele kua wamepata serikali. Stop lamenting guys it’s your choice of Government sawa

  5. Thanks for the info, but based on the transactions I’ve done the intel. on KCB charges is innacurate. For example a transfer of 5k you’re charged sh.50. Please update this info.

  6. My money my choice hizo bank mfunge tu coz we will not deposit money again, back to those days of house banking

  7. Deposit from mpesa to bank accounts should be free because we are giving you money for trading.A confused Kenyan I am.

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