Nairobi County is The First Beneficiary of the National Physical Addressing System


In recent years, the National Physical Addressing System has been a topic of discussion in developing nations. Kenya is no exception, as the implementation of the system has taken an extended period to implement ever since the state started talking about it more than five years ago. However, according to ICT CS Owalo, the government is now making strides toward implementing this system to improve the accessibility of services for both businesses and individuals.

The adoption of this system is expected to boost e-commerce growth in the country.

Now, according to Nation, it appears that this development is catching up following the announcement about the implementation of a physical address system in Nairobi, which will be initiated by Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja.

This system will enable Nairobi residents to easily identify buildings and locations because they will be assigning names to streets and numbering properties on them. The addresses will include a numerical property identifier consisting of the property number and the street name.

Following Kigali in Rwanda, Nairobi has now become the second city in East Africa to implement a physical address system.

The system will be integrated with the five administrative boroughs of Nairobi.

Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja has said that the physical address system will be used to bring amenities closer to the city residents.

While receiving the physical address system from an urban consultant at City Hall, Sakaja emphasized the importance of public participation to educate city residents on how to label their businesses using the system.

The County Government has already begun the process of labeling all the streets and properties in Nairobi to ensure the speedy completion of the project.

This initiative will aid the county government in planning and providing amenities for the city residents.

The implementation of the addresses will start with known streets within the CBD.

The addresses will then be integrated with Google Maps to enhance navigation and delivery. The system will also improve public programs like disaster relief and integrated security.

Lastly, the initiative will be implemented in informal settlements, where the county government will use the names of roads and issue new names to streets after public participation.


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