Twitter is Down Worldwide

Elon Musk Twitter Profile

UPDATE: Services were back online after two hours.

It appears that the social media platform Twitter is down. The company, owned by billionaire Elon Musk, is experiencing an outage that has been ongoing for the last couple of minutes.

A quick web search has also revealed that the issue is not limited to specific locations; all users globally have been affected. If you try to load the Twitter home page, it will welcome you in the same manner as a new user is onboarded onto the platform. Efforts to refresh the home page and view tweets have also been unsuccessful. However, other pages/tabs, such as notifications and profiles, are working fine.

We are not sure what is causing the glitch, and Twitter has not notified users about the cause of this outage. Twitter has been making changes to how it offers its services; reportedly, it now has about 2,000 employees, down from 7,500 after Musk purchased the company for USD 44 billion.

Just this past weekend, Twitter fired a substantial number of employees, and it seems that only a few of them are now trying to keep the lights on at the troubled but popular social media app.

Former employees who were fired say that the current workforce at Twitter cannot run things smoothly and that, at some point, the site will have to rehire some programmers it let go over the past months.



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