Infinix Note 13 Series to Feature 260W Ultra-Rapid Charging


Infinix is stepping up its fast-charging technology and bringing wireless charging for the first time. The company is slated to launch its Infinix Note 13 series in a few months and it has started teasing the tech powering the midrange series.

Infinix plans to ship the Note 13 series with a 260W ultra-rapid charger. Infinix also plans to introduce its 110W wireless charging tech in what the company calls All-Round FastCharge. The 260W charger uses GaN(Gallium Nitride) material and AHB circuit infrastructure which brings small size and high conversion while producing less heat.

260W Ultra-Rapid Charging
260W Ultra-Rapid Charging

The upcoming Note 13 phone will have a single 12C battery with a 4-pump circuit design that Infnix says will be smart enough to identify power requirements and allocate the safe charging protocol.

The charging cable’s current-carrying ability also gets upgraded to 13A. This means that the Infinix Note 13 series juices up from empty to 25% in a minute and to full in under 8 minutes.

Infinix 11OW wireless charger has fewer but wider coils for effective quick charging without heating up when charging. There will be a custom version with a fan for cooling when charging. The 110W wireless charger will get you from dead to full in 16 minutes.

Infinix will probably bring this tech with the Infinix 13 VIP as it did with the Note 12 VIP which had 120W fast wired charging. The rest of the lineup supported 33W charging including the Note 12 5G and Note 12i. 120W charged up the Note 12 VIP from 2% to 85% in 15 minutes.

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Infinix Zero Ultra had 180W fast charging and needed 10 minutes to go from empty to 69% and another 9 extra minutes to full charge.

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