UK Real Estate Company Brings AI-powered Portal to Kenyan Agencies


Baron and Cabot, a UK real estate company, has launched a property website for the UK, which also has a plan to expand real estate agencies in Kenya.

The portal uses AI technology to anticipate property prices, and it offers a chance for growth and financial prosperity to Kenyan real estate agents who can sell properties and receive payments in pounds.

With this platform, real estate agencies can reduce their investment risks in international markets and get access to a variety of properties that comply with all requirements.

The company uses advanced machine learning and data processing techniques to scrutinize millions of lines of data, to detect the most suitable investment areas and spots of value for their clients.

Baron & Cabot transacts on approximately £100 million GBP per annum ($120m) of UK property and has access to some of the best UK property developments.

The company has also been successful in Kenya because inflation has encouraged clients to shift their funds into GBP and USD to buy assets.

The portal will reportedly provide agents with new revenue streams, as well as create job opportunities in Kenya.

The company will provide 2-4 week of training and support to ensure agents are well-equipped to navigate the real estate market and benefit from Baron and Cabot’s concept.

Real estate firms will be able to reserve properties, and Baron and Cabot will handle the legal processes for clients.

The company adds it will offer mortgages worldwide (except in war zones) with rates below 6% and deposits less than 35%, making it easier for clients to invest in UK properties.


Mark Pearson, Managing Director of Baron & Cabot, said, “Our management company boasts an impressive occupancy rate of over 99%, with properties awaiting new tenants for an average of only 10 days. This sets us apart from other cities around the world, where the average occupancy rate is only 70%. In addition, our AirBnb or short-term rental products have an average occupancy rate of over 70%, resulting in substantial rental returns and a secure investment. Our secret to success lies in our ability to identify high-demand areas with low supply, combined with exceptional management that keeps both our tenants and landlords satisfied.”