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Kenyan Team Picks Top Prize at the Huawei 6th Global ICT Competition

A Kenyan team from Kenyatta University has won the first prize in the Innovation Category of the Huawei 6th Global ICT competition. The fair was held...
kenyatta national hospital diagnostics and reporting centre

Kenyatta National Hospital To Use Big Data, Connectivity and AI in Coronavirus Detection

The coronavirus pandemic has forced governments all over the world to step up and put stringent measures to detect and contain it. In Kenya,...
BBC planning voice assistant

BBC is Planning to Launch a Voice Assistant

BBC is a well known public broadcaster and one of the coolest things about the giant is that they are very open to emerging...
Strathmore Microsoft Whitepaper

Microsoft Launches AI Whitepaper in Kenya, Maintains Artificial Intelligence is Pivotal to Economic Growth

Microsoft has been making notable strides as far as artificial intelligence, popularly known as AI is concerned. This is not a new development though;...
Killer AI robots

No! 4 AI Robots Did Not Kill Scientists in South Korea

The past few days has seen a video claiming that 4 AI robots killed 29 scientists in a secret lab in South Korea go...

IBM Launches Cognitive Computing Services to Transform Business and Society

For decades, technology has been, and is still used to set standardize, distribute and access information. However, a new approach is being adopted, and...

This Software Will Enable Lecturers to Know When Their Students Are Not Paying Attention

A few months ago when I was still a student, I dreaded online classes. I know myself, I hate reading and if I didn't...

Ok Google, Samsung’s Bixby is Coming for You, Cortana and Siri

Not so long ago, rumours about Samsung working on an AI-powered digital assistant started surfacing. Bixby, as Samsung is referring to their new "intelligent...

Samsung Galaxy S8 to Have a Dedicated AI Button

A few days ago, I wrote a piece explaining why software is the next big evolution in smartphones. Ever since, the evidence to support...

Smartphones Are Getting Boring, So What’s Next?

The excitement that comes with the release of a new smartphone has been fading away slowly by slowly. Smartphone sales have been slowing down,...

Nokia May Be Working on its Own Virtual Assistant Named Vik

The world is not Alexa's to dominate. Others want a share too.

Reuters Built A Tool To Verify News Posted On Twitter

Reuters built an algorithm that scours the various posts on Twitter to distinguish the real news from the fake ones.

Condensing AI To Run On Mobile Phones is Facebook’s Latest Breakthrough

Facebook has followed Prisma in the area of integrating a neural network that runs on smartphones.

Uber Announces Redesigned Mobile Apps That Feature Machine Learning And More

Uber has announced a redesigned user interface for its mobile apps which include several new features.

Mark Zuckerberg Got All Sorts Of Suggestions To Voice His Virtual Assistant Project

Mark Zuckerberg asked his audience on Facebook who he should ask to voice his AI and they responded in droves

Microsoft’s Murphy Bot Can Predict Which Team You’re Backing in Euro 2016

Microsoft is using its deep learning algorithms that can read human faces and make several conclusions. The what-fan bot, named Murphy, scans one's face and matches them with those of players taking part in Euro 2016 to determine which team they are supporting.

Mark Zuckerberg intends to build a digital assistant like Jarvis from Iron Man for his house

If you have ever read the comic books or watched the films, Tony Stark  has a pretty cool virtual assistant named Jarvis who serves...
This AI judges how good your selfie is

You are being judged based on your selfie, by a bot

Selfies have evolved from being called self portraits in recent past and have become part of pop culture and social media thanks to the numerous platforms you...

Africa’s First Artificial Intelligence Game Being Designed By Kenyans

Gomokunarabe is a board game invented in Japan. The word means five piece line up. Known as gomoku in short, it can be played...