Media Mister Review: I Tried It! Does It Work? *Read First*


Have you ever wondered how you can save time and money and still get maximum results with social media marketing? There are several ways to go about this.

While you could apply all the necessary tactics to grow your account organically, you also have the option to take it a step further and get a company that helps with social media growth to do the work for you.

In this article, we will review Media Mister and the key ways it can help you grow your social media presence.

Who is Media Mister?

Media Mister is a social media service provider and one of the best resources you will need. They understand the need for a solid social media presence and cover a wide range of services that promise great results in the long run.

If you need more followers or views or simply want some other social media engagement, then this is where this website comes in, as it offers these services and more. They provide real users that engage your account, which can further propel other organic users to do likewise.

With lots of growth services available today, you need one you can trust to do the work and deliver as promised.

Services You Can Buy from Media Mister

Media Mister offers packages for a variety of social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Spotify, TikTok, and Pinterest, among others. Below are some of the most popular services:


Media mister provides Instagram growth tools to help improve engagements on your account. This translates to more Followers, Shares, Profile Visits, Views, Likes, Comments and Comment Replies, Story Poll Votes, Post Reach, and many more.


Media Mister also offers a long list of products for TikTok. This includes Followers, Views, Likes, Comments, and Shares.


Facebook services have a comprehensive range, but media Mister covers them all. This includes Likes, Group Members, Comments, Followers, Reactions, Shares, Views, Event Attendees, Poll Votes, Reviews, Comment Replies, and Friend Requests.


The YouTube services offered by Media Mister include Views, Shares, Likes, Watch Time Hours, Subscribers, Dislikes, Favorites, and Comments.


Twitter is also a popular network with a wide range of services. Media Mister offers Twitter Followers, Views, Clicks, Retweets, Poll Votes, Space Listeners, Comments, Impressions, Direct Messages, Likes, Mentions, and Tweets.

Other Services

Beyond the services already listed, there is much more Media Mister has to offer, and you can buy over 180 engagements for 58 platforms.

Some other services not mentioned include LinkedIn Connections and Endorsements, Spotify Plays, Discord Members, Twitch Followers, Pinterest Engagement, iOS App Reviews, Google Play Store Reviews, Deezer Plays, iOS App Installs, Shopee Live Views, Dribbble Followers, IMDb reviews, and many more.

You can explore the Media Mister website for all available options and request the custom products and packages you need.


The pricing differs for each of these services. With as low as $2, you can make a purchase.

All you have to do is navigate to the specific service you need on the site and click on your preferred choice. You will be presented with a form to fill out, after which you enter specific details about your account and expected results.

The website automatically generates the amount for you. For example, if I want 1000 TikTok followers from Brazil, it will cost me $20. Getting 500 YouTube Subscribers from the USA will cost me $77.

My Experience with Media Mister

I needed more subscribers for my YouTube channel and decided to opt for Media Mister. I’ll explain my experience getting 1000 new subscribers with the following points:

Payment Process

I chose the “Buy YouTube Subscribers” option from the menu on the Media Mister website and was presented with a form to fill out. The form columns included the YouTube Subscriber Type, Target Country, Subscriber Quantity, and URL. The total amount for 500 subscribers, which was the highest quota in the worldwide, cost $89.

I entered my billing details and chose the cash option. The payment process was straightforward.

Turn Around Time

The options for subscriber count stopped at 500, so I requested 500 subscribers twice. I was promised a 1 – 4 days delivery time for 500 followers, and they delivered as promised. So, it took about 4 days to get my 1000 subscribers.

Quality of Subscribers

I was initially worried that I would end up with bots just filling up space, but I was wrong! Media Mister provided an organic growth service to ensure that the quality of the subscribers was not compromised. I had real users who subscribed and engaged with my videos, and it further solidified my trust in them.


Even after delivering the service, I didn’t lose my subscribers. I still have the 1000 subscribers I paid for and even more, as the constant engagements generated from their activity have brought even more subscribers to my channel. 

Positives of Media Mister

Here are a few advantages of using Media Mister:

Real Engagements

With Media Mister, you don’t have to worry about fake accounts. They provide you with real users who are your target audience and will engage with your account. Whether it is Instagram Likes and Comments or enough YouTube Views and Comments.

Secure Website

The Media Mister website is secure and user-friendly. Your information and payment details are protected due to the secure gateway built into the site. You can worry less about losing any vital information.

Transparency of Prices

Once you enter your details into the form provided when purchasing a service from Media Mister, you are shown the price immediately. This price is solely dependent on what you requested.

There are also no hidden fees or charges, so you only get to pay what you were shown.

Retention Guarantee

Media Mister guarantees a high retention rate for every service provided. If you bought Followers, Likes, Comments, or Views, among others, you could be sure that you still have them even after delivery.

If you notice a decline in the service provided, you can always tender your complaints. There’s a 60-day retention guarantee after delivery, so if you lose more than you paid for within this period, Media Mister will restore it free of charge.

Good Customer Support

With Media Mister, you can contact customer support via Live Chat, Email, or Contact Form on the site. Feel free to lay out your complaints, and they will be addressed as soon as possible.

Natural Delivery Time

The delivery time for the services provided is properly planned so that the algorithms for these social platforms don’t pick up any suspicious acts. This means that 1000 new subscribers can be rolled out over 4 days instead of doing that in 30 minutes or less.

Country Targeted Engagements

For every service provided by Media Mister, you have the option to enter your targeted country. This helps ensure that the engagements you get are solely from the country you requested.

This is an added advantage, as you can’t easily do this organically, which would also require more time and effort.

Multiple Payment Methods

Don’t have a card? You can pay with Stripe or PayPal. You can also pay with Cryptocurrency. Media Mister ensures you aren’t stuck or struggling to make payments.

Clear FAQs

Media Mister has some frequently asked questions on the page with comprehensive and in-depth responses to guide you. They answer any potential questions you may have about their services.

This shows their transparency and willingness to guide you on the journey to improving your social media growth.


Your privacy is protected with Media Mister, as there is no sensitive information required to deliver any of the services. You won’t be asked to enter your login details; all you have to share is the public URL, and they will get to work.

While Media Mister has proven to be one of the best digital companies for social media engagement and growth today, it has its downsides. This includes the lack of 24/7 customer service and no free trial available.

Many people are unwilling to take a risk with their money, which is understandable. So, having a free trial would help a lot more people decide faster to use the service.

Is Media Mister Safe to Use?

Yes, Media Mister is safe to use. All their engagements are from real people, and they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied, request a refund, and you will have it.

There’s no point where you get to lose in this case. It’s either you get your desired results, or you have your money back.

Also, you don’t have to worry about being shadowbanned or blocked due to some suspicions of activity on the account. Media Mister avoids this by deliver the engagements over a reasonable number of days.

This means you can get 3000 followers on Instagram over a week and not in 5 minutes. The latter could signal to the algorithm that there’s suspicious activity ongoing, and as a result, your account could get suspended.

Your login details will never be requested by Media Mister, so you can also worry less about your account getting hacked or stolen.

To sum it up, yes, Media Mister is safe to use.

Is Media Mister Legit?

I believe this company is legit. I have tried out their service, and it worked well for me. Their prices are transparent, and they have reliable customer support to fall back on.

However, you will also have to play your part to apply a safe growth strategy. This simply means you must balance the ratio between followers and the number of engagements.

As you purchase more followers, consider getting some likes and comments to balance it out. This is not to say that these followers will not engage with your content, but it helps balance your growth strategy and follower-to-engagement ratio, making it more realistic. 

Media Mister Review – My Verdict

I recommend Media Mister to every Business or Brand Owner, Content Creator, or Influencer looking to improve their social presence.

There are several ways to boost social media engagement organically, but every once in a while, you need an extra push. Going the organic route takes time, and you sometimes never know when you will hit your next milestone.

Also, getting more followers organically doesn’t always translate to increased engagement. However, with Media Mister, you can be confident of the results to expect within a time frame.

As you put in the effort to grow organically, you can also get some support by paying for more Followers, Likes, Comments, Shares, Views, Reviews, Watch Time, and more.