Samsung Could Launch a Bending Tablet, the Galaxy Z Tab

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 Pre-Order
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S9 series, the upcoming flagship tablet, is getting closer to being officially announced, and there have been multiple leaks about its features. In addition to the Tab S9, there may be an unexpected reveal – a foldable tablet, set to be unveiled at the same time as the Tab S9 series.

To take you back, Samsung has been making foldable devices for some time now and leads the pack in terms of the dependability and use cases of its bending smart devices. The Z Flip and Z Fold line of devices has been received very well, with the bigger Z Fold replacing the Note series (whose features have since been ported to the S Ultra series).

Now, Samsung is reportedly planning to add a foldable tablet to its Z-series of foldable, called the Galaxy Z Tab. However, there is limited information available about the device, and it’s unclear whether it will feature a triple foldable design as previously rumored, which may be too complex with two hinges.

A design patent filed by Samsung a couple of years ago shows a possible concept for the device, featuring dual hinges that allow the tablet to be folded forwards or backward. This design would enable users to close up the display to protect it or create a smaller display with a wide aspect ratio.

Remember, not all design patents materialize into actual products, and a single-hinge design would be easier to manufacture. Samsung has already made four generations of Z Fold/Flip smartphones, so it would simply be a matter of scaling up the technology to a larger tablet size.

We are also not sure whether the bending tablet will be a separate product from the S8 Ultra, which was released in early 2022 and has since garnered a following from people who like oversized tabs (it is even bigger than the largest iPad at 14.6 inches).

As the launch of the Galaxy Tab S9 approaches, we can expect more concrete information about Samsung’s future product plans.

Also, Apple’s first foldable device is expected to be an iPad rather than an iPhone, and it has been speculated that the device will be released in 2024. This gives Samsung some time to potentially beat its main competitor in the market.