PayPal to Mpesa Service Back Online

PayPal to Mpesa Services are back online

After a four-day disruption, PayPal to Mpesa services is back online. Yesterday we reported the disruption of services that had a lot of Kenyans today.

A spot check today followed by a trial transaction confirmed the services are back online.

This means, Kenyans can transfer funds direct from their PayPal accounts to their Mpesa accounts.

Alternatively, users of the services may use Mpesa to load their PayPal accounts.

Thunes Paypal Mobile website back online.

The Thunes website for PayPal to Mpesa is now online. As of Yesterday, it was under maintenance.

This news comes as a relief to Kenyans. A lot of Kenyans, rely on the services to receive funds from outside the borders.

Primarily, freelancers working with clients abroad had been affected. Additionally, Kenyans relying on remittances from friends and family overseas rely on the services.

It is not yet clearly what caused the disruption.

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