PayPal to Mpesa Users Report Disruptions

PayPal to Mpesa not working

Kenyans who have linked their Mpesa to PayPal for money transfers are reporting disruptions.

One Twitter user posted earlier this morning. He claimed the service has not been available to Kenyans for about four days.

Rufas Kamau claimed that online workers are unable to access their money. He added “there’s no official communication.”.

The first claims were backed up by Tom Makau. In his tweet, he asked if anyone else was experiencing problems with the service. Additionally, he added that he has been experiencing problems for the last three days.

PayPal to Mpesa Website Under Maintenance

A spot check on the official website paints a more gruesome picture. The official website at the time of checking was down for maintenance.

The statement simply read: “Under maintenance: The website is under maintenance in order to serve you better. Please visit this website again in a few minutes.”

Thunes Paypal Mobile Money Website

The platform is run by Thunes, a Singaporean financial institution. Another Twitter user had asked Safaricom PLC if there is a need for concern. However, Safaricom is yet to respond to the tweet.

Customers who use PayPal to Equity Bank to access their funds are reporting no issues. The service between the two platforms is normal and funds are accessible as normal in usual timeframe.

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  1. Avoid Paypal at all cost, i lost money after they cut my Mpesa link almost 5 months ago i have written numerous emails getting only generated responses, if you follow up on Paypals issues you will see that Paypal has been suspending accounts without any viable explanation especially accounts from the 3 world countries, there is even on going court cases

    • Sorry to hear about your PayPal withdrawal issues. I can help you with the withdrawal for a fee. Contact me via WhatsApp 0736997299

  2. I have been using PayPal to MPesa for the last 2 years, I have never encountered any issues until recently. Where could the issue be? Is it Safaricom, Thunes or PayPal themselves? This is awful.

  3. Aaaagh this is now too much, especially since they are not communicating,they should have informed us earlier that there is going to be a issue 😕

  4. Hello dm me 12283325573 I have another way apart from using equity bank but charges are quite high

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