Report Spammy Webpages Using Google’s New Form

Google seeks user feedback on spammy webpages

Google have introduced a user feedback form for reporting spammy webpages. Acknowledging that their spam detection system may not filter everything, the tech giant is seeking human help.

Spammy webpages manipulate algorithms and compromise the quality of search results. Hence, the search experience for users is less valuable. Usually, websites that breach Google’s policies rank very low and so are rarely visited. In some instances, the spammy webpages are not ranked at all.

However, clever techniques gets some spammy webpages high up on search engine results page. As a result, Google is asking users to directly report the websites.

The main concern is the website may be of poor quality with low quality content. Furthermore, some of the sites may be deceptive to the users. In some instances, the websites may be harmful to the people.

The new development allows users to report spam, low quality websites, and paid links.  Additionally, users can report malicious behaviour, and other search quality issues

Bulk Submission of Spammy Webpages

Notably, the new change means users can report different issues in one form. Furthermore, the new form allows bulk submission. This means one can submit up to five pages that violate the same policy in one report.

Google describes a low-quality page as one that is poorly written, poorly designed and is created in bulk. The intention of such a page is purely to collect clicks.

Google has designed the form to enable them gather actionable feedback. As such, the form has categories and subcategories. Thus, a user can select a main category and then share different issues that fall under separate sub categories. Users are encouraged to consult Google’s Spam Policies in order to report under the right category.

However, users who are not certain of the category may always select “Not Sure”.

Upon submission, a confirmation email will be sent. The email will have links to help forums and Google’s quality resources.

By getting feedback on spammy website, Google aims to improve overall user experience in search.

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