TECHNOPOLIS BILL 2023: Kenyans Invited for Comments

THE TECHNOPOLIS BILL, 2023 open to public partcipation

The government under the ministry of ICT is working on a Technopolis Bill. The aim of the bill is to establish and manage technopolises. This includes the Konza City Technopolis.

Additionally, the bill will provide a framework on how the Technopolis Authority will to continue with the operations of Konza Technopolis Development Authority. Consequently, it will provide a framework on how the other technopolises will be managed.

As a result of the governments belief in the digital economy,  it has been working on a draft Technopolis Bill, 2023. The Bill proposes the establishment of other Technopolises and the formation of Technopolis Authority.

The authority will drive Kenya’s digital economy towards meeting the 21st century’s needs of the country.

Technopolis Bill Open to Public Comments

Having engaged a multi stakeholder committee to create the draft, the ministry is opening up comments on the bill from the public. Importantly, this step is a constitutional requirement.

As such, relevant stakeholders, members of the public, and all interested parties, can provide suggestions, views and inputs, with justification. These public comments on the Bill will inform its review.

Currently, one can access the draft Technopolis Bill on the Konza website and the ICT ministry’s website. Written submissions should be submitted to the committee using a set template not later than 13th  June 2023.

The bill comes as no surprise given the share of the ICT budget Konza city received. Konza city received over 50% of the ICT sector allocation in a budget statement read out last week.

The budget will work towards developing the Konza Complex and the construction of a university. Furthermore, more funds have been allocated towards the development of Konza Data centre.

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