About 400K Kenyans now on 5G as Desire for Fast Internet Grows 

Number of Kenyans on 5G

According to data from the Communications Authority 5G, is now in 21 counties across Kenya. In total during Q3 of FY22/ the total mobile data/Internet subscriptions stood at 47.96 million.

From that total, 67.1 percent were on mobile broadband. The uptake of mobile broadband has continued to increase as the consumers desire faster Internet speeds.

As 5G is the latest technology standard for broadband cellular networks, the number of subscribers is still relatively small. Based on the data from the referenced period, 373,573 Kenyans are using the technology.

4G takes the lion share of Mobile Internet subscriptions. 21,228, 953 Kenyans are on 4G, and uptake has been growing.

However, there are still 15,768, 091 consumers on 3G with another 15,768,091 consumers on 2G. This might be due to device costs being above a significant chunk of the Kenyan demographic’s budget.

Data from Q3 FY22/23

As such 33,475,476 feature phones are in the market but the number of smartphones is not far behind. Data from the reference shows 29,487,846 smartphones are in use across the country.

5G Set to Grow

As the latest technology most telcos around the world are in active deployment of 5G networks.

Recently, Airtel Kenya announced it will begin a network expansion that will see it deploy the techonology . Safaricom the leader in the race locally has stated its commitment to get more areas under the cover of the new technology.

Additionally, mobile phone manufacturers are releasing more devices with 5G capability. In recent months, we have seen Redmi Note 12 Pro+ 5G, V27 5G and, Camon 20 Premier. All these devices make the technology more affordable to consumers.

Recent reports in the media indicate that the CA does not have a standardized license for 5G. As it is , 5G pricing in Kenya is based on deployment and charged per link. That means, operators pay a licence fee for the specific area they decide to deploy the technology.

This shows that it is still a nascent sector that is bound to grow.

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