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Safaricom, Liquid Telecom, and Communications Authority Defend Fibre Caps

Lawyers Hub Kenya has conducted an interesting review of ISPs fair usage policy in an online meeting attended by key reps for...
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Jamii Telecoms Applies for Tier I 4G Spectrum License

A few years ago, Jamii Telecoms entered into the 4G space. Part of that development, which received wide attention...
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CA Kenya’s UFS Kitty Sees Kitui Villages Finally Get Connected

While mobile operators have been offering their services in the country for more than two decades, they have not been successful in...

Radio and TV Channels Still Popular Among Kenyans as Magazine Readership Deteriorates

The Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) has published an extensive Audience Measurement and Industry Report for Q2 2019-2020. The numbers are for...

Communications Authority Spells Stringent Guidelines for Operators That Spam Customers

ICT regulator the Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) has released draft consumer protection guidelines for public comments and review.
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Communications Authority Now Recognizes Foreign Electronic Certification Providers

The providers are required to apply for recognition within 30 days from the day of the first notice (September 1, 2020).
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Communications Authority Publishes Draft Customer Care Guidelines, Asks for Public Participation

The Authority has the mandate of putting in place guidelines for purposes of clarifying certain provisions in the Act and Regulations in regard to the treatment of issues pertaining to ICT consumers

Communications Authority Guidelines for Telecoms Numbering Resources Are Live

The Procedures and Guidelines for the Management and Administration of Telecommunications Numbering Resources 2020 have been published by the Communications Authority of Kenya.
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Communications Authority Extends Public Participation Window for Broadcasting Services Proposal

In early June 2020, the Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) announced that there would be a public consultation on the Proposed Framework for Assessment...

COVID-19 ICT Advisory Committee Invites Innovations That Address the Effects of the Pandemic

The Communications Authority of Kenya, alongside the COVID-19 ICT Advisory Committee, is inviting a second submission of local ICT innovations that address the impact...

Two Communications Authority of Kenya Employees Test Positive for COVID-19

Kenya ICT watchdog the Communications Authority of Kenya has reported that two of its employees have tested positive for COVID-19. CA says that the employees...
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Telkom, Safaricom Lose Market Share as Kenya Hits Record High Mobile Penetration

New numbers from the Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) are here. As it has always been the case, the numbers round up several elements...

Court Suspends Communications Authority of Kenya From Hiring Director General

The High Court has suspended the Communications Authority of Kenya from hiring a new Director General. The Employment and Labour Relations Court suspended a recruitment...

Law Society of Kenya Seeks to Stop Installation of Spying Tool by State

The Law Society of Kenya (LSK) has taken a case to the Supreme Court of Kenya to stop the installation of the Device Management...

How Businesses Can Maintain Enterprise Resilience During Systemic Disruption

On May 28, ISAKA, a not-for-profit, non-union association of professionals in the IT-related industry held an online conference that was attended by more than...
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Only Airtel Kenya Gained Market Share in Mobile Subscriptions in Q2 2019/2020

The latest sector statistics numbers from the Communications Authority of Kenya are here. The Authority, which is tasked with the policing of the ICT...

Communications Authority to Commercially Deploy TV White Spaces for Fixed Broadband

The Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) has a new proposal that it hopes to adopt for its plan to develop a framework for Dynamic...

How to Report a Cyber-bullying Case in Kenya

What do you call willful and repeated harm through the use of electronic devices? Cyberbullying. It is a common practice today because, in our...
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Communications Authority Hosts 30 African States for The Generation of Satellite Notices

The Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) is holding a special workshop on the generation of satellite notices in Kenya and other 30 African states....

Communications Authority Seeks Public Comments to Accelerate Low ICT Devices Uptake

The Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) has acknowledged that the update of ICT devices in Kenya has not been at its best, and is,...

Kenyans Spend Trillions Buying Goods and Services Online Amid a Challenging E-Commerce Space

The growth of e-commerce services in Kenya, while not necessarily returning profits to vendors, is something most people can see. In spite of the...
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Kenya Copyrights Board and CA Compel Broadcasters to Acquire Content Licenses Before Distribution

Broadcast service providers and telecoms content service providers have until November 29 to adhere to all copyright obligations as stipulated in their license conditions...

Communications Authority Reinstates Francis Wangusi as Director-General

A couple of months ago, the tenure of Francis Wangusi as the Communications Authority's Director-General came to an end. The obvious step was appointing...
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CA Urges Carriers to Serve Low-income Areas as Kenyans with Mobile Phones Hit 61.5 Percent

Kenya ICT regulator, the Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) has asked mobile carriers to erect more masts and networks boosters in areas with challenging...
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Strathmore and UoN Top Cybersecurity Hackathon Hosted by the Communications Authority

In recognition of the importance of governance in addressing cyber risks, the Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) held cybersecurity summit in Nairobi’s Safari Park...
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Communications Authority Cybersecurity Conference to Feature Hackathon Session for Local Universities

The Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) is staging the National Cybersecurity Conference in Nairobi. The event started earlier today and will end on 25th...
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Kenya’s Communications Authority is Developing a Draft Framework for TV White Spaces

Yesterday, the Communications Authority of Kenya (CA), Strathmore University, and other ICT policymakers and friends of the industry had an interesting discussion about TV...
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Kenya National Addressing System Imminent as Development Draws to a Close

In 2016, the government of Kenya and key stakeholders revealed that they was going to set up a National Addressing System (NAS) for the...

Africa ICT Regulators Meet in Uganda to Address Over-the-top Media Concerns

Kenya’s Communications Authority (CA) is part of the teams in Entebbe, Uganda, for the World Telecommunications Standardization Assembly (WTSA), which is one of the...

Kenya Companies to Use TradNet System to Facilitate Import and Export of ICT Equipment

Kenya ICT regulator the Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) has issued a directive regarding the use of the Kenya TradeNet system for import and...
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Kenya Communications Authority Clarifies Director-General Appointment Mess

On August 21, the tenure of the outgoing Director-General of the Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) Francis Wangusi came to an end. As most...
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Mercy Wanjau Assumes Director-General Role at Communications Authority of Kenya

Kenya's ICT watchdog the Communications Authority of Kenya has a new Director-General - Mercy Wanjau. She will be taking over from Francis Wangusi, whose...
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Communication Authority Hints Airtel-Telkom Kenya Imminent Merger Approval

It has been a while since the proposed merger between Telkom and Airtel Kenya was communicated to the masses. As has been the case...

Telkom Kenya CEO Mugo Kibati Clarifies Merger Deal with Airtel and State of Market Dominace

Telkom Kenya CEO Mugo Kibati has clarified some issues surrounding the operations and plans of the operator on its path towards growth. The carrier,...

Kenya’s Communications Authority Unveils a Robust Digital Economy Blueprint

The Kenya government alongside the Communications Authority of Kenya has released the Digital Economy Blueprint that will be used to heighten the offerings of...