CMS Report: WordPress Leads with Over 40% of the Market Share

Wordpress remains top CMS platform

The Content Management System (CMS) Market Share report for June 2023 is out. WordPress is still the leading CMS. Its position at the top remains unchallenged.

Actually, most of the top ten remains the same. Shopify numbers displayed a small decline. However, its financial numbers are still impressive. Notably, the fastest grower is Prestashop.

This information is based on data from W3Techs. W3Techs provides information about the usage of various types of technologies on the web.

Here are the top 12 CMS platforms

1. WordPress comes in at number one in the CMS market. It holds a lion share with 43.2% market share. In fact, this is a slight 0.2% growth from July 2022.

2. Shopify comes in a distant second. The largely eCommerce CMS currently holds 3.8% market share. This is slight deep from a year ago. The CMS has experienced a deep of 0.4% from 11 months ago.

3. Wix is consistently showing growth. However, the growth is slow and much slower than last year. Currently, Wix has a market share of 2.5%.

4. Squarespace comes in in fourth place. It now has a market share of 2.1%. It displayed a slight growth of 0.1%.

5. Joomla currently has a market share of 1.8% and holds position five.

6. At position six is Drupal with 1.2%. There was no significant change.

7. Adobe Systems are stable with 1.1% of the CMS market share.

8. Prestashop grew by 0.3% in the last 11 months.As a result, it overtook Google Systems for the 8th spot.

Addtionally, it is the fastest grower among the top 10 CMS platforms.

9. Dropping one place is Google Systems (aka Blogger and Google sites) . It experienced a decline of 0.1% to 0.8%.

10.Bitrix also shrank 0.1% and has 0.7% of the market share.

11. Webflow held steady at 0.6% during the last 11 months.

12. OpenCart added 0.1%, and is now just below Webflow. Notably, OpenCart and Pretashop had the same market share last year.

The W3Techs research is based on the top 10 million sites on the web as provided by Chrome’s UX report.

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