WordPress Intros Ridiculous 100-Year Plan For Domains

WordPress announces the availability of 100-year plan for domain name registrations

WordPress.com announced a 100-year plan for domain registration. The unique plan comes with managed hosting and 24/7 customer service among other features for one price.

WordPress powers nearly half the web and remains the most trusted CMS on the planet. A recent CMS report indicated that over 40% of the world’s websites are powered by WordPress.

The 100-year plan is meant for WordPress clients who seek a long, secure and assured digital presence.

Among their primary targets are brands, families and individuals. First, WordPress sees the 100-year plan as ideal for company founders and their brands. The offering will ensure the company easily documents its past, present, and future.

For families, the plan is an intimate repository of memories. Rich digital assets can be preserved for generations. The digital assets include images, videos, audios, and stories inform of text. With this plan they will be able to preserve their rich family history.

Lastly, the plan targets individuals who would like an online platform that they can easily customize to adapt to future technological changes.

Cost and Features of the 100-Year Plan

Usually, domain name registration is for a maximum of 10 years. Hence, at the cost $38,000 for 100 years, this is a first of its kind. Basically, it translates to an annual fee of $380. This cost includes hosting and domain registration.

Additionally, subscribers will enjoy other services from WordPress. These include:

  • Domain secured for one hundred years
  • Multiple backups across data centres in different geographic locations
  • “Top-tier” managed WordPress hosting
  • Unmetered bandwidth (means unlimited traffic)

Furthermore, the 100-year plan guarantees users dedicated and personalized support that’s available 24 hours per day, seven days a week.

The signing up process for the plan is vey simple. There is an easy form that clients can fill on the WordPress website.

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